Bruce Wayne Born February 19, Spotlight On Batman

BruceWayne-BatmanBruce Wayne born February 19.  Bruce Wayne is the son of Physician Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha.  Martha Wayne was a member of the prominent and wealthy Kane family.  Thomas Wayne’s family reaches back as far as the founding of Gotham City.  It was at that time that the Wayne family fortune began to build and continues to build to this day under the guiding hand of Bruce and Lucius Fox.

When Bruce was a normal 8 year old, loved by his parents and the family servant, Alfred, his parents were brutally murdered in front of him while on the way home from a movie.  The night his parents were killed young Bruce made a vow to war on criminals so his tragedy could not happen to another child.

Bruce was put into the custody of the family servant Alfred Pennyworth and was raised wanting for nothing.  But the fire of obsession raged in the boy and he trained himself starting even at that young age to be both mentally and physically perfect.  Bruce excelled at both his studies and physical education.  He won top academic awards, but the awards meant nothing to him except that he was succeeding at his goals.

When Bruce graduated High School he attended university and though he excelled at everything he touched, no one understood what his goal was and Bruce remained silent on his objective.  Bruce was brilliant in chemistry, engineering, biology, criminal law, as well as all the other sciences.

Bruce did not participate in college sports; he would spend hours every day working out in the college gym.  Those who saw his body found it without flaw, every muscle honed to perfection.  Surprisingly Bruce would take part in the college’s theater program.  Being the most handsome man on campus he could have gotten the lead in every production, but Bruce turned them down, always preferring to play a character where make up was needed and his body contorted.  He became an amazing mimic and character actor.  His fellow actors nicknamed him Lon after the great Lon Chaney who made his fame by playing deformed characters on the screen.

Bruce left college with honors and then disappeared from Gotham for several years.  During this time he traveled the world learning different fighting and combat techniques.  He studied under the monks of Tibet as well as the toughest professional detectives he could find.  Wanting to learn the art of escape Bruce spent time being tutored by the Great Zatarra one of the most famed magicians or his time.

Bruce returned to Gotham to great fanfare and began to take up the family business learning all of its aspects and how it was run.  At the same time Bruce dated every young up and coming Hollywood star or New York Fashion Model.  He was seen at every fashionable spot both day and night.  His reputation as a playboy billionaire became established during this time.

Bruce had achieved his goal.  He was perfect in both mind and body.  People thought of him as a mere socialite a light weight billionaire with more money than sense.  During the time after he returned from Gotham Bruce spent an enormous amount of money building the greatest criminal laboratory in the world in the caves beneath his ancestral home.  Now Bruce was ready.

One night while sitting in the library of Wayne Manor a terrible storm blew in from the coast.  The only light in the room was the lightning as it crackled across the sky.  Bruce was deep in thought.  He knew he had to become something different than he was.  A secret second person that could make war on crime.  Bruce already knew of the Superman who was making a name for himself in Metropolis, but Bruce was neither colorful nor were his methods going to be altogether good.  He would need to be something different, something dark.

Suddenly a huge bolt of lightning struck from the sky and at the same time an enormous bat broke through the huge window that Bruce was gazing out of.  At that moment Bruce Wayne knew he would become a bat.

From that moment Bruce Wayne became the Batman.  His mind dominated by one thought, that no child would lose a parent again.