Britney’s New Video Rakes in Half Million

Britney Spears reportedly earned $500K for various product placements in her newest video, “Hold It Against Me”. The brands are scattered throughout her video, making the product placement apparent, and Britney a very happy girl. Brands such as; Sony, Make Up Forever Cosmetics, and are incorporated into the video. Spears also shows her newest fragrance, Radiance, in an opening scene. The quick shots and flashing lights in her video attempt to mask the intentional product placement, but the redundancy is hard to look past. The dating site,, reports to have a 20% increase in online traffic the day the video was released. The website is also in Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video. A prison guard in “Telephone” was on, while Britney was on the site herself in “Hold It Against Me”. Britney’s video went public on on February 17th and already has 10 million+ views.