Britney Spears Causing Israel To Postpone A Major Election

(PCM) The words Britney Spears and politics do not often go hand in hand, however it appears that Spears is the cause of the country of Israel to postpone a major political election. The reason behind the election’s cancellation is due to the fact that Spears is scheduled to perform a concert in Tel Aviv on the same night as the election. We can’t believe that a pop star would have that type of power … oh, wait, yes we can! Spears’ popularity is strong enough to shift the political tide. The Israel Labor Party is concerned that traffic from individuals attending the Britney Spears concert would cause difficulties for people attempting to make their way to the polling stations to vote. There was also some concern about security in the area as well. While the Israeli election committee does not name Spears directly as the cause for changing the election date from July 3rd to July 4th, the claim the cause is due to a “major event” taking place in the area. It ha already been revealed that Spears will be playing a show in Tel Aviv on the date, so it is quite simple to put two and two together. This is no small election for Israel as it is an election where the Israel Labor Party elects its’ new leaders and is often the center of quite a bit of controversy and animosity. Who knows? Maybe Britney Spears can help ease this “Toxic” situation!