Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice

After suffering from a major hemorrhage and stroke, Bret Michaels not only makes a miraculous recovery, he is “hired” by The Trump! Michaels is the winner of this year’s “Celebrity Apprentice”, winning $250,000 for his charity of choice, the American Diabetes Association.  He seemed in good spirits throughout the show, overwhelmed from fan support and “awesomeness”. But Bret isn’t quite in the clear yet. He told Access Hollywood that he will be having heart surgery in the fall. “What they’ll do is they’ll go in and they’ll do the heart operation in the fall,” Michaels says. “They have to let everything clear out and then they’ll go in and do the operation in my heart and then I’m gonna be great. I don’t have any other options except to think that it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be a smooth operation and I’m gonna feel awesome.” Bret still plans to kick off his tour in Biloxi this Friday.