Is Bobby Brown Responsible for Death of Whitney Houston?

brown(PCM) Bobby Brown is the husband of late Whitney Houston, whom systematically died by way of a drug culture lifestyle which Bobby Brown introduced her to in the early 1990’s.¬†Once again with Bobby Brown’s daughter close to death the question arises again. Few argue he is not the reason Whitney Houston took drugs. Fewer still will stand up to accuse Bobby Brown as the reason Whitney Houston is dead. Thankfully, Houston’s long time bodyguard David Roberts has finally stepped up to say he see’s it that way. He’s painted a clear picture that after years of dedication and support to Houston he was terminated from service for telling her lawyers she was at risk of not singing again due to her inability to control her substance abuse. Roberts candidly expresses his observing how Whitney Houston spiraled down by lowering herself to Bobby Brown’s level in drug use as she obsessed over him. Anyone that lived during the late 1980’s and 1990’s watched Whitney Houston go from pure and squeaky clean to open drug addict with botched performances, public arguments with Bobby Brown and worse. When she married Brown, she and her Brown took their child Bobbi Kristina on the road where they openly behaved badly without consideration of their child’s future development. Even after their divorce and the death of Whitney Houston, Brown couldn’t own up and maintained denial in an interview on NBC TV in an interview with Matt Lauer. When Matt put to Brown that everyone felt Whitney’s life went downhill when she met Bobby Brown, his response¬†to Lauer was, “If anyone ever knew us and spent time around us instead of looking through the bubble, they would know how we felt about each other.” Brown has gone as far as to say he never did narcotics before meeting Houston. Now Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina lay in a coma in an Atlanta hospital. Her boyfriend, Nick Gordon isn’t allowed to visit her in the hospital as Bobby Brown is now in control of her fate. Brown’s refuses to state publicly any good reason for Gordon to visit his daughter. However the family members of Brown have taken their own personally issues with Gordon to court in the form of restraining orders. To this end the Bobby Brown abuse continues beyond Whitney Houston’s grave. Why is there no outrage towards Bobby Brown? We can now boot sports athletes from participation for abuse, when do we as common people decide to stop paying celebrities way for equally bad behavior? Bobby Brown took Whitney Houston down. If you have a brain, you know this to be evident through common sense. You can be contrary and rationalize against it if you are a fan of Bobby Brown’s or feel your own drug issues don’t give anyone else a right to oppose your opinion but the fact is Whitney Houston is gone due to what clearly seems like an abusive ex-husband that got her addicted to drugs and can never apologize for his actions. Bobby Brown deserves to be shunned to the same degree as pro-athletes that abuse their loved ones. You can question if Bobby Brown is responsible for the death of Whitney Houston, or you can justify against it. There is little to question in his character by the years of evidence in the media. The world is beholden to the dollar. Media is controlled by it, and the average person on the street thinks tweeting about issues solves them. Few to none will ever openly state that Bobby Brown is the reason Whitney Houston is dead. While Houston is responsible for taking drugs on her own, she would have most likely never considered a drug habit if she had not met Bobby Brown, or at least tried to please that man by bathing in his own drug addled thug attitude lifestyle.