Bill Cosby Suffers A Social Media Nightmare

(PCM) We are fairly certain that someone from actor/comedian Bill Cosby’s social media and PR team has their head on the chopping block right about now. As a way to drum up publicity about Bill Cosby’s current tour, someone on his publicity team came up with the idea to start the #CosbyMeme Generator. Cosby sent out a tweet urging his fans and followers to meme him by choosing one of several images on his website and then add their own text to the particular image.


Well, his followers certainly paid attention, however the result was certainly not what his publicity team was hoping. Instead of the friendly, silly and uplifting text they had hoped would end up on the images, they instead received many that were poking fun and criticizing Cosby for his rape and sexual misconduct allegations from the past.


The entire situation has spiraled into a a public relations nightmare. Cosby’s initial tweet urging followers to meme him has since been deleted and the #CosbyMeme Generator has now been removed from his official site. Ouch! Never underestimate the power of angry internet users, especially if you are dealing with any type of controversy in your life, private or professional, because clearly nothing is off limits.