Big Red Car Better Make Some Room! The Wiggles are Going Through Big Changes

There are some big changed going on in The Wiggles’ World, namely the departure of three of the founding members. Greg Page (The Yellow One), Murray Cook (The Red One), and Jeff Fatt (The Purple One) have all decided to take their bow and officially retire their coloured turtlenecks, taking a more “behind the scenes” role with the band. The only original member remaining with the group is Anthony Field (the blue one), and joining him is Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins. Watkins is set to replace Page’s character and will be the first female Wiggle in history. Page, Cook, and Fatt are not the first Wiggles to have taken a bow. Before they really hit it big, they were accompanied by pianist Phillip Wilcher. When Wilcher decided to take a more backseat role in the band, the four remaining Wiggles subsequently recorded their next album without him. Another Wiggle was Sam Moran, who filled Page’s shoes when he had to leave for medical reasons. Moran was removed from the group when Page recovered and resumed his spot as the lead vocalist to the Wiggles. There are a lot of big changes coming for the children’s band, and hopefully these changes will attract a whole new series of fans in the toddler world. My only question is if the Wiggles are all retiring, who’s going to be there to wake up Jeff?