Best Wedding Proposal!

(PCM) There can be some debate on how I titled this piece, as I know that there are a million plus “best wedding proposals.” As far as creative ideas go, this one takes the cake… the wedding cake that is. The video below will show you a five-minute proposal. Yes, five minutes! The now fiance surprised his soon-t0-be wife with a short musical number. As you can see in the video, she pulled up into her parents’ driveway and was met by her brother. The brother was instructed to sit her in the back of the SUV trunk and give her headphones so she can listen to the song, “Marry You,” by Bruno Mars. The Honda CRV pulls out of the driveway and the show begins. When you realize that it is all of her family and friends that participated; it will bring a tear to your eye. They even have laptops up to show people remotely who couldn’t make it to the big day. At the end the crowd clears like a scene out of Grease and her man appears. He walks towards her as the song finishes and proposes. Many will say this is corny, overdone, or (insert other negative response here.) But, I think this man absolutely deserves some credit for not only concocting this concept, but getting all of her loved ones involved. What an amazing memory they will have to share.