Beloved Actress Jean Stapleton Dead At Age 90

Jean-Stapleton1(PCM) Actress Jean Stapleton, best known for her role as the lovable Edith Bunker on the hit TV series “All In The Family” has passed away at the age of 90 surrounded by her close friends and immediate family. “All In The Family” was a ground-breaking television series for it’s time and Stapelton’s role on the series earned her three Emmy award wins and numerous other accolades throughout the course of her career.  Along with actors Carroll O’Connor, Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers, she starred on the groundbreaking show that aired from 1971 through 1979. Fans and celebrities around the world are mourning the loss of this brilliant comedienne and actress with many taking to twitter to express their condolences. Stapleton continued to pursue her acting career, even after “All In The Family” went off the air with her last major role being in the 1998 film “You’ve Got Mail” in which be played a co-worker to Meg Ryan’s lead character. Her husband of 26 years, William Putch, died in 1983 and she is survived by her two children, John and Pamela. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stapleton’s family and friends during this difficult time and we leave you with a the memorable Stapleton classic renditon of “Those Were The Days” the theme to “All In The Family”