Beef: It’s What’s Killing You

That sound you hear is the sound of your heart exploding… According to The Today Show, a new study out of Harvard University (yes, THAT Harvard University) suggests that eating even SMALL portions of red meat increases your chances of an early death…and not in very pleasant ways, either. The Harvard study surveyed what people ate over the course of twenty (20) years, and found that those who ate meat no larger than a deck of cards (and we all know that the portions are MUCH larger at your average steak houses) were at a greater risk for a whole host of diseases: the chances of cancer goes up by 10%; the chances of heart disease goes up by 16%. Substitute processed meats (i.e., hot dogs, cold cuts) for beef cuts, and the percentages increase dramatically. The study also suggested that substituting red meat with foods like fish, poultry, nuts and beans can help a person live longer.