Barbie Poses For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Barbie-SI(PCM) It has recently been revealed that Sports Illustrated has paired up with Mattel and the companies iconic Barbie doll will be gracing the pages of the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in a full editorial spread. Barbie has certainly tried her had at many different careers over the course of her existence such as being a doctor, a veterinarian, a musician, even a McDonald’s employee, but this will mark the first time that Barbie has ever been a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. For the magazine’s upcoming swimsuit issue, there will be an editorial spread featuring 22 Barbie dolls dressed as past Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models of years past. The feature was photographed by famed sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr. One of the promotional photos for the upcoming Sports Illustrated Issue feature Barbie donning the same black and white bathing suit she was wearing when she was first introduced to the world back in 1959. Mattel has even launched a Swimsuit Edition Barbie doll that is now available for purchase exclusively at The editorial on Sports Illustrated in part of “Unapologetic” campaign, which seeks to counter criticism that the doll’s impossibly perfect figure gives young girls unreasonable expectations about how their bodies should look.  Although, we have learned that Barbie’s proportions are truly not very realistic. If Barbie were life-size, her measurements would be 39-23-33. She would stand seven feet, two inches tall and have a neck twice the length of a normal human’s neck. You can find more of our fun Barbie fun facts here. Sports Illustrated is claiming that featuring Barbie in the magazine shows her as an empowered female who is unashamed or her appearance or actions.