Bad Boy Entertainment Sued By An Upaid Intern

PDiddy1(PCM) Let’s look at the key word in the title above…INTERN!  It has generally my knowledge that when someone knowingly takes on an upaid internship, they then in turn do not get to turn around and sue for wages, but that seems to be what Bad Boy Entertainment is facing with a new lawsuit. Former UPAID intern Rashida Salaam, who worked for Bad Boy Entertainment from January to May 2012, claims that she is due wages from the hard labor she endured by not only getting coffee and lunches for paid employees, but also answering phones, making deliveries, and the worst…decorating the office! Wow, what a horrible experience!! There are new intern labor laws put in place, so fairly soon free labor may be a thing of the past, but as for right now I would say this lawsuit is pretty bogus. There has been no comment from Bad Boy Entertainment as this time, but I am sure that Rashida will not be getting a full-time job offer anytime soon!