Back To School With Shopping Kim G and the Magnet

Meeting in downtown Paterson, New Jersey – RHONJ’s Kim Granatell and Tom Murro had decided to stop by Payless Shoes to surprise a few less fortunate families getting ready for school with supplies and clothes. A surprise shopping spree with all new back to school supplies, began when Kim entered the store and said, “Hello everyone! It looks like we’re all here for back to school shoes. Please pick out what you need and meet us at the register.”
Kim and the Magnet spoke with some of the moms and children from about a dozen families who were shopping for backpacks and shoes, and they even picked up a few more school supplies for some siblings who weren’t there. Outside, fans gathered around her black Bentley, safely parked in a “no parking zone,” there was a lot of tweeting, texting and posing for photographs. More than one fan said she hoped to see Kim in Real NJ Housewives season three. When her own show, she said “It seems like it’s going to happen.” (see the news12 video)
The moms and kids were thrilled to meet Kim and to be part of it. Kim’s generosity was appreciated by all, not the least of which was the store manager. Tom mentioned he needed a pair of high top converse, and she reminded Tom that they weren’t there for him “and wasn’t the G-Wagon enough?” (Celebuzz)

Kim and the Magnet have been busy for the past few months – from driving Kim’s Ferrari and crashing Danielle Staub’s party, it was nice to give back. It was reminder to all involved to be generous with those less fortunate. After the shopping, there were lots of hugs and a few more pictures. “What a great day!,” Tom told us.