Ariana Grande Scorches An Internet Troll On Instagram


(PCM) Pop star Ariana Grande gave one internet troll a taste of his own medicine after he made lewd commentary about one of the singer’s Instagram photos. Instagram user jacksonruzzene commented on one of Ariana’s photos that his 9-year old sister had bigger breasts than she does, to which Ariana burned him to the ground with this delicious response “Spend a lot of time looking at your 9-year old sisters t*ts?” followed by a snark face emoticon.


Congrats, jacksonruzzene! ¬†You just got called a pedophile in front of Ariana Grande’s 25 million Instagram followers. Exactly how does one recover from that? This got us thinking about internet burns in general, so we scoured the net and discovered quite a few famous (and hilarious) internet burns that individuals have posted via text message and/or on social media.