Apple To Release Next Generation iPhone In September

Apple buffs and tech junkies all over the map see the next generation of the world’s leading smartphone in this year’s cards. The widely anticipated new-era iPhone  is predicted to release this September in an unknown form. Whether we will welcome the iPhone 4s, a slightly differentiated species than the Apple handset that gadget hounds currently hold, or a completely revamped breed of device with cutting edge capacity called the iPhone 5, is still a tune unsung. Only those in the macworld, and the manufacturer set to distribute 15 million units of the device come September, are familiar with the upcoming clan in the touch-screen pedigree. According to DigiTimes, the masterminds behind the next gen iPhone will rely on the same manufacturer who gave them the iPhone4 to take on their newest project. Despite financial suffering when first-quarter sales for the previous model were lower than anticipated at Verizon, the Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Pegatron Technology is back on the multi-media bandwagon and is steadily hiring more help at its Shanghai factory. Admist rumors that the WiFi-enabled agent will be a spitting image of itself in its ‘upgraded’ class, some say it won’t be just a dead ringer. Those hopeful of a completely converted app-laden apparatus envision an unrecognizable iPhone 5; they imagine a hand-held virtual haven with a unique tear-drop shape, a larger edge-to-edge screen and a plethora of other expected improvements. Skeptics of the smartphone’s ability to morph see a mirrored manifestation of the current social networking utensil; they describe the iPhone4s , a slightly fine-tuned framework with little new to boast about save a  faster A5 processor, possibly a different-sized screen and an upgraded 8 megapixel camera. The iPhone4s, (the current phone post minor face-lift) is Apple’s less expensive answer to the growing number of bargain devices incorporated in Google’s Android system. Whether we get this sorry slew of partially enhanced handhelds, or an entirely boosted brood of the cell, Apple promises some version of the iSurprise in September.