Did Apple Really Just Find A Way To Block Devices From Taking Photos Or Video At A Concert?


(PCM) This will definitely a huge game changer in both the music and smartphone industry if this rumor turns out to be true. It seems that Apple has developed a new technology that would block iPhones and other Apple devices from being able to take photos or video at concert. Those of you who enjoy posting your blurry cell phone shots and crappy quality iPhone concert videos to social media should probably enjoy it while you still can, however something tells us that if this technology does see the light of day there are certainly going to be quite a few angry iPhone users. However, don’t you get tired of watching an entire show from the cell phone screen of the person in front of you?  We certainly do! The new technology that Apple is developing is called “camera detecting infrared signal” and the way it works is simple. A venue would simply be able to internally turn on a signal that would jam/block iPhone cameras from being able to photograph or record concert footage.  Watch as everyone now rushes out to buy an Android phone!  Would this new technology make you think twice about purchasing an iPhone? We are wondering if this newly developed technology could expand beyond live music events and into other areas where cell phone filming and photographing is considered obnoxious.  Looks like we will have to wait and see, but we are betting this idea will be vetoed before it even gets fully off the ground. Either way, food for thought!