Apple Pioneers 2015 Ultramodern Headquarters

The globe’s go-to corporation for consumer electronics may have found a docking station for its creative and technological genius. A ringleader in digital distribution and the pupeteer of gadget buffs bound to its strings, Apple Inc. has released plans for its soon-to-be headquarters in Cupertino, California. A haven for Apple’s visionary and cutting edge capacity, the reavamped Cupertino campus will breed iGenius. Hoping to gain approval for a state of the art, remodeled ‘home’ for the powerhouse, multinational enterprise, an Apple founder presented his foresight to the Cupertino council. Rather than resurrecting the current campus, founder Steve Jobs plans to engineer a futuristic facility to match the company’s innovative brilliance. Futuristic to say the least, the donut-hole shaped structure looks like a flying saucer in space–that will land in Cupertino with Jobs driving the project. A four story eco-friendly construct self-powered via natural gas will constitute the contemporary base for the Mac-making machine. An avant-garde auditorium that can house all 12,000 of the building’s lucky employees and a cafe that can seat 3,000 contented workers will line the interior of Apple’s new nerve center. In the midst of Jobs’ picturesque proposal, one councilwoman remained concerned about the headquarters’ communal benefit for Cupertino residents, and audaciously asked if the entire city would get free Wifi.  Confident in his billion dollar company’s competence, Jobs replied with a threat, “Well, as you know we’re the largest tax payer in Cupertino and we’d like to continue to stay here and pay taxes. If we can’t then we have to go somewhere else like Mountain View and we’ll take our current people with us and the city’s largest tax base would go away.” If Cupertino buys Jobs’ bluff and knows Apple’s worth, they’ll beg to house the creative nucleus for the dictator of the post-PC era.   .