Apartment Of Accused Mass Murderer James Holmes Is On The Market

Holmes-apt(PCM) The former apartment of accused Colorado mass murderer James Holmes has been refurbished and is currently up on the market. We are not sure that this one will have too many takers, but we are pretty sure they are not advertising that it is Holmes’s former abode. Holmes is accused of the horrific mass murder that occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, CO when he opened gun fire on crowd of movie-goers attending the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. When police went Holmes’s apartment (the one currently on the market) they found it to be booby-trapped with 30 grenades, 10 gallons of gasoline and other explosives in hopes that police would blow themselves up when trying to enter. The apartment ad, again, ┬ámakes not mention of Holmes, and claims that the apartment has been completely renovated and furnished and because they pay for heat, it is a steal for only $850 a month. A representative of the building also told TMZ.com that the building is also under new ownership. I think we’ll pass and something tells me when others find out who the previous tenant happened to be many others will feel the same way…just bad juju overall.