Anyone On A Mission For Cuddles? There’s An App For That!


(PCM) I think now we truly believe that there is indeed an app for everything! A new app has been developed called “Cuddlr” and it’s sole purpose to connect users seeking cuddles. We could all use a little cuddling in our lives..right? The app will show the names, images, up/down votes and location of people around a users area who are simply looking for a cuddle. The voting is based on the user’s rating of the cuddle session after it has occurred. When using the app the user taps on the other users image and sends them out a cuddle request. The other user than has 15 minutes to either accept or reject the cuddle offer, if accepted the users can then freely message one another to work out the details to arrange the cuddle session. Many people who have heard about the app are left wondering if perhaps the situation could go into other directions once a meet up has occurred..if you know what we mean…however the creators of the app stand-by their statement that all encounters are to be strictly PG. The app’s founder Charlie Williams feels that cuddling is something worth pursing and should be able to stand alone rather than something that occurs only before or after sex. It has been scientifically proven over the years that cuddling boosts oxytocin levels, reduces anxiety and stress, and can even provide pain relief. One-on-one cuddle therapy has become a trend, as well as, people partaking in cuddle parties. Would you trust a random stranger to just come over and cuddle? Seems like an innocent enough idea, but we are just waiting to hear about someone taking it a bit too far!