Another Rapper Gets Another Face Tattoo

Welp. G-Unit affilate rapper Sun has made the news again, this time for a more positive reason: he’s “repping his set” of Zoolife in the most extreme way possible, with a face tattoo! (By the way — no word on his chain…and the reward is still out!) First made popular by Gucci Mane, the face tattoo has become the new mark of the rap bad boy. Sleeve tattoos, once the ultimate “bad boy” move, are now becoming de riguere amongst both the rap and the rock set…so, to step it up, the bad boys of rap are making their waves on their face! Sun‘s got a new mixtape out, according to Leftover Cake, so perhaps this is a way to promote that. (It’s certainly better than getting out of the car with no underwear, or fighting with guns in the street.) But lest you think this is a “fake,” check out the pics of the actual process below. (Try not to pay too much attention to the fact that the tattoo artist looks like R&B artist Lloyd, best known for “Get it Shawty” & “Any Girl” (with Lloyd Banks). I did my due diligence. It’s not Lloyd.)