Angry Splash Mountain Lady Has The Last Laugh!

Angry-Splash-Mountain-LadyImgur: Blackthorne519

(PCM) The latest internet meme sensation is the “Angry Splash Mountain Lady”, whose real name is Jordan Alexander. Jordan was angered that her husband chose not to ride Splash Mountain with her when they were visiting the Disney park, as he claimed it was too hot and he was exhausted. Desperately wanting to ride Splash Mountain, Jordan decided to go on it alone and expressed her displeasure with her husband’s choice not to come along by making quite the angry face at the ride’s camera just before plummeting down the waterfall. Jordan’s husband was waiting in the gift shop with their baby son and in-laws when after exiting the ride Jordan returned and handed him the picture saying “Here, I did this for you!” Of course, Jordan’s husband posted the image on photo sharing site IMGUR, where it was later spread around Reddit where it has gone viral with users hilariously photoshopping their own changes to the original image.

Back with husband and she is still angry


She is not loving politics either!


Now, we are just left to wonder if she is still angry and if all of this internet fame is making matter worse!