And Glee, Will Always Love You!

Glee is always on top of the musical times, and they will continue to do the same for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day episode. They will be dedicating their episode entitled, “Heart,” to Whitney Houston. As you might have heard, the adored songstress passed away this weekend. The producers of Glee wanted to honor the 48-year-old in some way to pay respects to such a musical icon. Although they shot the episode before she passed, they are going to insert a note in the end credits to dedicate the show to her. Oddly enough, even though the episode was made before this all happened, Amber Riley who plays Mercedez on Glee actually sings, “I Will Always Love You” tomorrow night. This is a Dolly Parton song that was made famous by Houston in the movie called The Bodyguard. E! Online reported that Riley actually met Houston this past Thursday. She was shaken up by the news of her idol passing. In the episode, “I Will Always Love You,” will be a ballad that helps Mercedes express her feelings. But, are those the feelings for Sam or Shane? Check out the sneak peak below where we also get to meet Rachel’s dads: