American Atheists Unveil Anti-Prayer Billboard For Super Bowl

(PCM) We recently reported about the pro-marijuana and anti-marijuana advocates putting up dueling billboards near MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ where this year’s Super Bowl will be played. Now the American Atheists are getting into the advertising action and have placed their own anti-prayer billboard directly across from the Super Bowl stadium. Super Bowl ad’s are always known for being a little bit controversial at times and are certainly meant to get people talking, but this year things seem to be taken to an entirely new level. David Silverman, President of the American Atheists claims that “Prayer is superstition, plain and simple”, so the billboard funded by his organization reads “A “Hail Mary” only works in Football. Enjoy the game”. It also promotes the organizations upcoming conference in Salt Lake City, UT.


In a press release from the American Atheists, they claim,  “It’s 2014; it’s time to stop believing that prayer works.Give credit where credit is due and celebrate what this is really about—coming together to cheer on hard-working athletes doing what they do best.” Many are finding the billboard to be downright offensive as it is mocking the Christian prayer and does nothing at all to promote an inspiring message. However in this country everyone is entitled to free speech. First marijuana, now religion…we are really starting to wonder what type of billboard will pop up next?