Could Your Amazon Echo Be Linked To The CIA? Alexa’s Answer Was A Bit Puzzling!

(PCM) Ever since the introduction of the Amazon Echo device conspiracy theories have surfaced claiming that the various government agencies, including the CIA are using it as a tool to spy on individuals from the privacy of their own homes. We know that the Amazon Echo, which is a smart speaker that utilizes voice recognition, can do anything from play your favorite tunes to order your favorite dinner items, but could the device have a more sinister purpose. One Reddit user by the name of DominarRygelThe16th decided to put the conspiracy theory to the test and outright asked Alexa if she was working for the CIA. Well, first she warmed things up a bit by asking if Alexa would ever lie to her to which the device replied ,”I always try to tell the truth. I’m not always right, but I would never intentionally lie to you or anyone else.” Here’s where things get a little weird. When the woman asked Alexa if she knew what the CIA was, to which Alexa replied, “The United States Central Intelligence Agency—CIA.” However when the woman asked whether or not Alexa worked for the CIA there was suddenly no answer at all. Seriously … dead silence.
Makes you think that there could be a reason behind Alexa’s silence and it certainly leads to a few questions. Another Reddit user posted another video showing that the Amazon Echo has been updated to answer this particular question, however the answer is just as vague. When asked “Alexa are you connected to the CIA?” the device responds “No, I work for Amazon”! Hmmm … definitely some food for thought.
It is very unsettling to think that someone could be using a device such as the Amazon Echo and other similar products to listen in on the private conversations that occur in our homes. Technology has brought us to a place now where we have to be paranoid of just about everything and everybody. What do you think? Could the Amazon Echo be connected to the CIA  or other government spy agencies?