All 20 Seasons of Law & Order Soon Can Be Yours

Sure, the typical DVD release wouldn’t make for its own entry into the world of pop culture. But the 20-Season, 104-DVD collector’s box set of Law & Order: The Complete Series is far from typical. Yes, the show that originated in 1990 and has since spurred at least five spinoffs can finally be owned in full beginning November 8th. Feeling like an episode with Angie Harmon? There’s quite a few discs for that. Some Chris Noth from back in the day? There’s several seasons of that, too. Don’t need to watch in order? Jump to some Anthony Anderson and Jeremy Sisto cases! And of course you’ll spend some quality time with L&O favorites like Sam Waterson, S. Epatha Merkerson, Jesse L. Martin and the late Jerry Orbach. If you do want to accomplish the feat of watching every one of the 456 episodes ever created – back-to-back and in order – that would take over two weeks! But maybe you’re up for the challenge. The set includes 11 seasons that have never been released on DVD along with some other very special features including deleted scenes, crossover episodes, character and actor profiles and much more! The show is the longest-running crime drama in the history of television and is tied with Gunsmoke as the longest running drama series ever and now fans can finally have the entire series. Amazon is currently accepting pre-orders at $489.99 which may be a hard number to hear at first, but remember: 20 SEASONS! If there’s room for such an explosive show and collection on your shelves, this seems to be a pretty incredible opportunity.