Affleck “Shocked” Over The Town’s Success

WENN has an interesting piece of news concerning Ben Affleck. It seems he was pretty surprised with The Town opening #1 at the box office this past weekend.  Affleck stated: “Reaction (to) the film has been great, I was shocked and it seems to be doing very well. I can’t tell you (how) exciting and thrilling it is, ya know? We are the number one at the box office in the U.S. this weekend… so imagine my surprise!” It’s nice to see Affleck being rather humble, though after a few of his career missteps, Affleck has learned not to take these things for granted. The Town opened in first this weekend with 23.3 million, with Easy A (18.3 million) and Devil (12.6 million) coming in second and third respectively. Article written by Lee C. Jaster on Reposted with permission.