Actress Betty White Celebrates Her Birthday Viral Style!


(PCM) Actress Betty White recently turned 93 years young so the cast and crew of her TV Land series “Hot In Cleveland” decided to treat her to some fun loving birthday hi-jinks that have since gone viral. It has been stated that everyday White’s assistant greets her with a hula dance everyday on the set. In honor of her birthday the entire cast and crew of “Hot In Cleveland” put on lei’s, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts and performed a choreographed flash-mob dance number much to White’s surprise and delight. The video begins with White being driven around the lot by comedian Dave Foley on a golf cart and just prior to the flash-mob starting, he says that there may be a little celebration in store for her birthday. It is then that her assistant appears dancing solo at first and is then joined by dozens of other cast and crew, including White’s “Hot In Cleveland” co-stars. A “Happy Birthday Betty” banner is rolled out and always one for comedic timing, Betty exclaims “As 93, you shouldn’t be doing this!”. The video was uploaded to the TV Land Youtube page and has since surpassed over 5 million views and counting.