Actor Shia LaBeouf Reveals Yet Another Bizarre Art Project

(PCM) Actor Shia LaBeouf has revealed his next art project titled #ALONETOGETHER and it is just as mind-boggling as his previous endeavors. We can give LaBeouf credit for making a statement, but in the last few years he has been going about these statements (for the sake of art)  in the most bizarre ways possible. For this project, LaBeouf, along with two additional collaborators will be spending one entire month in complete isolation in a cabin in Finland. The only communication they will have with the outside world for that month will be the ability to answer a series of text message sent via video screen from visitors to the Kiasma museum in Helsinki. Other than that, LaBeouf and his two collaborators will have no other communication access. This means no phones or internet and according to, LaBeouf says the goal of the project is to force people to rethink the “relationship we have with our phones and with one another.” The artists have said the project is a response to the global “digital revolution and its impact on our culture, economy, human identity, and behavior.” It is basically to prove a point about just how much we are dependent upon our phones and daily social media updates throughout the day. Do you think any of you could get through an entire month without your phones? The artists feel that the internet and social media can be positive tools when used in the correct way, but without a doubt our human interaction with one another has changed drastically over the years. It has not been revealed as to whether not the cabin will house any other forms of entertainment to help the days go by such as books or music, however we are assuming that they would have some time of electricity to run the video screens for the text. But what about food and water? We are sure LaBeouf has a plan and we are curious to see how this art project plays out!