ABC’s Work It Did Not Work Out

ABC’s new series Work It didn’t live up to its title as it was pulled after just two episodes. The show starred Amaury Nolasco and Bejamin Koldyke who played two unemployed men that dressed up as women to land a job. Low ratings combined with complaints from organizations like HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) contributed to the cancellation of the show. The organizations found that the content came across as offensive to transgender people. According to E! Online, one of the organizations posted this in their full-page Variety magazine ad, “[ABC] should know how offensive this show is, and that it even has the potential to jeopardize the safety of many transgender Americans in the process.” After premiering to low ratings on January 3rd, and 20 percent of its viewers dropping the next week, the show just… didn’t “work out.”