A Dog That Does it All

If you have three minutes in your day, I’d suggest watching this to brighten it up. Or, it will make you feel very lazy to see a dog be able to clean an entire house while you don’t even make your bed. I stumbled upon this video a few months ago, but it came across my lap (or laptop) once again. I don’t care what year, month, day it is – this little bugger is incredible. I know they train seeing eye dogs to do many of the tasks that “Jesse” does, but putting it all together in one video just makes him seem unstoppable. From the time little Jesse wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he is working around the house and around the clock. I am at least happy to see he got the chance to eat in between shifts. Personally, I’d have to say his window cleaning abilities impressed me the most, but the video is up for interpretation. If you have a funny dog video to share, I’d highly encourage you to post it for us to see. I am always looking for the next best pooch laugh, and this was the one that made me smile today, enjoy: