“A Beautiful Mind” Mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr And Wife Dead After NJ Car Accident


(PCM) 86-year old mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr, the inspiration behind the Oscar nominated film “A Beautiful Mind” and his 82-year old wife Alicia are both dead after tragic car accident that took place in Monroe Township, New Jersey. Nash, Jr and his wife were traveling in a taxi when the accident took place. According to the police reports the taxi they were traveling in spun out of control while attempting to pass another vehicle. The taxi then crashed into a guard rail and both Nash, Jr. and his wife were ejected from the car. Tragically, they were both pronounced dead at the scene. Both the taxi driver and a passenger in the other vehicle were taken to a local area hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Currently, no charges have been filed and the accident is still currently under investigation at this time. Nash, Jr is a Nobel Prize recipient, taking home the Noble Prize for Economics back in 1994. As seen in the film “A Beautiful Mind”, Nash, Jr has suffered for a very long time with schizophrenia and received his Ph.D from Princeton University. He just recently accepted the 2015 Abel Prize in Norway for his contributions in the mathematical universe. Our sincere condolences go out to the couples family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.