99-Year-Old Proves its Never Too Old to be a Gamer

With video games an ever prevalent activity these days, the average gamer is now 37 years old, according to the Entertainment Software Assocation. That age may surprise some people because it’s often viewed as more of a kid’s pastime, but 99 year old Umeji Narisawa would beg to differ. She’s been playing video games since she was 73 years young when her grandkids brought home a copy of the classic Bomberman for the Famicon, the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. When her grandkids brought it home, she was intrigued, gave it a shot and has been playing it for several hours a day since. She has, obviously, cleared all 50 levels and occasionally even beats the game several times in one day. Bomberman is all about strategy, mazes and puzzles. Narisawa points to these challenging puzzles she’s been playing for 26 years as helpful in keeping her brain focused and she says the button presses functions as a form of finger exercise for her. Now there may not be too many other 99 year old gamers out there, the older generations have their fair share of gaming successes. Wisconsin gamer John Bates is not only the current Guinness World Record holder for the Most Perfect Games of Wii Sports Bowling (2,850), but he’s also 85. So, what do you think? Will you… could you… be playing video games when you’re 99? From little kids, to those now in their late 20s who were born the day the original Nintendo was released, and even those who are now hitting 40 that used to play with a Pong machine, we all seem to have the challenge before us. Game on!