82-Year Old Former Navy Pilot Renders Judges Speechless With ‘Rocking’ America’s Got Talent Audition


(PCM) 82-year old John Hetlinger left the judging panel, including the normally incredibly vocal Simon Cowell, completely speechless after his recent audition for the reality competition series “America’s Got Talent”. Hetlinger explained to the audience and the judges that he is a retired aerospace engineer and former Navy pilot, who worked on launching the Hubble Space Telescope, before launching into his “rocking” albeit surprising audition song choice. Hetlinger enjoys karaoke and his favorite genre is … get ready for it … heavy metal! ┬áHetlinger shocked the audience and the judges with his amazing rendition of the song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool. He absolutely slayed!

One would think that at 82-years old, metal would not be the first choice of listening material for Hetlinger, but music has no age limitations and we applaud him for tackling the track and of course giving our boys in Drowning Pool so publicity! In fact, the members of Drowning Pool issued a response to Helinger’s audition and say he is welcome to join them on-stage to perform at anytime!