80-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Thieves with Mangoes

Who needs a gun when you have fruit!? Eighty-year-old Otilia Martins fought off two armed thieves at a market in New Bedford, Massachusetts when they entered the store and held up a cashier at gunpoint. Her weapon of choice? Fruit! The brave woman attempted to take down the armed robbers by hurling mangoes and a bag of apples at them. The robbers grabbed about $400 and started to flee, but Martins wasn’t done yet. She then grabbed the back of one robber’s sweater to try and slow him down, which resulted in the man hitting her in the back of the head with his gun. When cops arrived, Martins was “bleeding a lot,” but refused hospital care and cleaned up at home with a head wash and peroxide.┬áBoth men were caught and arrested. Check out the woman in action above!