$2 Dollar Junk Store Find Leads To A Possible $5 Million Dollar Payday! California Man Discovers Rare Photo Of Billy The Kid!


(PCM) Who ever said a junk store treasure can’t pay off? A California man by the name of Randy Guijarro purchased an old photo for $2 at a junk store in Fresno only to discover that the image actually turned out to be an incredibly rare photograph of William H. Bonney, a.k.a. Billy The Kid. In fact, it is only the second picture of him known to exist making it all the more exciting of a find. Guijjarro purchased the photograph back in 2010 and had absolutely no idea that one of the individuals pictured was actually Billy The Kid. The photograph shows 19th Century gunman engaged in a game of croquet and was taken in New Mexico in 1878.  The photo was analyzed for over a year and it’s authenticity has been proven. Another major clue to it actually being Billy The Kid in the photograph is that Sallie Chisum, who provided first-hand accounts of Bonney’s exploits in her journals, is also featured in the image. Experts are stunned that one of the rarest photos in the world was discovered at a Fresno junk shop and claim that Guijarro’s photo is now worth an estimated $5 million dollars!