13-Year Old Solves Difficult Math Problem In Less Than One Second

(PCM) We could barely read this crazy difficult math problem in less than one second, let alone solve it in such as short time frame! However, that is just what 13-year-old Luke Robitaille was able to do and he ended up winning the Raytheon Mathcounts National Competition. Here is the word problem that Robitaille was able to solve in less than one second:
In a barn, 100 chicks sit peacefully in a circle. Suddenly, each chick randomly pecks the chick immediately to its left or right. What is the expected number of unpecked chicks?
Okay, seriously, we have no clue! The competitors were only given a pencil and paper and only have 45 seconds to solve the problem. Geesh! We are right out then! Can you figure out the answer? We will be nice and hand over the answer since we are sure you are all curious to know! It is 25 chicks! We have no clue how Robitaille was able to reach this answer in such as short period of time, but more power to him! His strength must definitely be in probability questions!