12-Year Old Is Facing Criminal Charges Over An Emoji


(PCM) Admit it! We are all guilty of using adorable emoji’s in both our text and social media conversations, however did you know that choosing the wrong emoji or combination of emoji’s could land you in some serious trouble? A 12-year old Virginia girls is currently facing criminal charges over what prosecutors are deeming a threat to her school after she made a post on Instagram that included the words “killing” and “meet me in the library Tuesday” along with the emoji images of a gun, knife and bomb. A search warrant was issued for the girls home after her IP address was tracked and she later admitted to making the Instagram post under the name of different student that attended her middle school. It will now be up to a judge to determine whether or not the use of emoji’s can be considered a legitimate threat. It is very hard for the legal system to decide whether or not emoji’s should be submitted as evidence, as they do not provide clear proof that an individuals will indeed commit a crime, as their meaning can be implied and easily misinterpreted. The 12-year old Virginia student is set to appear in court soon, however thus far her case is far from resolved. What do you think? Should the use of certain emoji’s be considered a serious threat?