11-Year-Old Mayor Decrees Street Justin Bieber Way

What would you do if you got to be Mayor for the Day? Well, for 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez of Forney, Texas, she decided to decree – and rename – Main Street as Justin Bieber Way. Yes, the 17-year-old superstar not only has millions of fans, hugely successful singles, sold out tours, a beloved girlfriend and the title of teen idol, but at least for Tuesday, August 16, he had a street named after him. The temporary street sign, which will be on display until Monday the 22nd, cost $20 and went up during a brief ceremony after Gonzalez won a contest conducted on Facebook in order to get young people interested in government. She won with an entry that her father wrote which displays her long list of interests and activities that make her a perfect candidate for the job. The reasoning behind her straightforward and innocent decree? “I like his music and I like him,” Gonzalez told E! News, “And I thought, why not have a street in my hometown named after my favorite singer?” That sounds like a good enough reason to us. Who wouldn’t want to live on a road named after their favorite artist? The actual mayor of small-town Forney (the other 364 days of the year), Darren Rozell, admitted that under his administration, Main Street would have remained Main Street, but also acknowledged “if she wanted to name it Bieber Way, we were going to make that happen.” Rozell continued, “I’ll tell you this: If Justin Bieber sees this and wants to come to Forney, he’s got an open invitation.” Hear that Justin? I imagine there are a few Beliebers out there who would be willing to visit the road that once was named after their man, too. And, no matter what, it certainly makes for a good story if Gonzalez is ever able to meet the Biebs himself.