10-Year-Old Charged With Felony After Stealing Neighbor’s Bicycle

A ten-year-old from Fort Walton Beach, Florida is being charged with a felony for…brace yourself…stealing a neighbor’s bike. That’s right, he’s being charged with a felony burglary. The young boy stole his neighbor’s bicycle, along with her son’s pistol, leaving his own tricycle at the scene of the crime. He later returned to the crime scene to get his old bike, and he was spotted and identified. Rookie mistake. All kidding aside, the kid did take something that wasn’t his. But should he really have been arrested over it? That seems a bit harsh. Rick Hord, a spokesman for the Police Department, said the officer who arrested him is hoping the boy will learn from his mistakes and get straightened out. “When he had an opportunity to come clean he chose to come up with fabricated stories,” Hord said. “The officer’s judgment was this is a young child that needs to get in the system and hopefully he’ll get straightened out.” Justice served?