10 Million Stolen Usernames And Passwords Leaked Online


(PCM) Security researcher and consultant Mark Burnett made quite a few waves on the internet when he posted a list of over 10 million stolen username and passwords on his blog. While many people were not happy that the information was posted, it should be duly noted that Burnett did not release the list of stolen information for any type of malicious intent. Burnett also did not steal the passwords himself, however they are now accessible to anyone and everyone who chooses to search for them. Burnett’s goal was to allow people to study user behavior and also “release a clean set of data”.  Initially, Burnett posted all 10 million usernames and passwords into one large torrent file that users could download, however someone has now taken that information and plugged it into a simple website where users can type in part of their usernames or passwords and see if any of their information comes up on the big list. You can click here to visit the site and determine whether or not any of your accounts have been compromised.  A please keep in mind to search with only partial entries and not your entire username or password, just in case of any type of malicious activity or security breach.