10 Alien Movies That Make Us Laugh… On Purpose!

Whether they are invading the world or invading the screen, it’s hard to get away from the alien motif that has secured a safe spot in pop culture. With the release of the highly-anticipated Men in Black III coming out this weekend, we took a look back at some of our favorite alien movies. Now, that list is pretty extensive – because aliens can appear in just about anything, from The Avengers to the upcoming Prometheus to last year’s The Darkest Hour – so we had to narrow it done a bit. The result? Our favorite comedic alien movies. These are the ones with aliens that don’t necessarily haunt our dreams or terrify our waking hours. Some are family-friendly, some of definitely not. But one thing’s for sure: They make us smile, they make us laugh… they make us not quite so scared of what could be out there.   Top 10, in no particular order: Men in Black (1997) We all need someone to protect us from the scum of the Universe. Whether we know it or not! Why not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?         Galaxy Quest (1999) When the sci-fi show Galaxy Quest is canceled, the actors behind the show end up having to save the world for real when an alien race calls upon them for help.       Lilo & Stitch (2002) Don’t try to fight it. Stitch is the cutest alien we’ve ever encountered, too. Imagine having him as part of your family (or should we say “ohana”)… or just watch this film.         Space Jam (1996) Really, what could be better than Michael Jordan, Looney Tunes and aliens? It’s hard to think of anything… especially when the fate of the world comes down to an intergalactic basketball match.         Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) It may not be Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but just in case the aliens out there are scary, it’s nice to know there’s some friendly monsters willing to help us fight.         Earth Girls are Easy (1988) Jim Carrey, Jeff Goldblum and Damon Wayans star as furry and funny aliens that crash land in Geena Davis’ pool. If you need more convincing, it’s also a musical.         Mars Attacks! (1996) We all know that Tim Burton has an affinity for the bizarre and the not-so-ordinary. Now, imagine that movie involves aliens. Yeah, that’s this movie.         Spaceballs (1987) Now, alien movies and the science-fiction genre in general can provide laughs, both intentional and unintentional, but when it’s a parody of that very genre, a movie like this will definitely bring the funny.       Coneheads (1993) What started as an SNL skit turned into a full-fledged movie of bizarre almost-human looking aliens who find they enjoy Earth just in time to find out their orders to destroy it.         Paul (2011) An alien, Area 51, a cross country road trip and two British comic-book geeks… How else would you guarantee some laughs are to come? Add Simon Pegg.         Honorable Mention: Zathura (2005) Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) Muppets from Space (1999) Chicken Little (2005) Planet 51 (2009) My Stepmother is an Alien (1988)