Miley Cyrus Speaks Out For The First Time Since Infamous VMA Performance!

Miley4(PCM) There was silence from Miley Cyrus for a few days following her now infamous 2013 VMA performance, however now she is speaking out about the performance and where her mindset is now in regards to her lifestyle and career.

In an interview with MTV for a documentary she is working on for the network, Miley says:

“What’s amazing is I think now, we’re three days later and people are still talking about it, They’re over thinking it. You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn’t even think about it, because that’s just me.”

She goes on to say that anyone that performs on the show is looking to “make history“.

Miley gets even more candid in an interview with the Sunday People, claiming “I’m messed up. I have so many f**cking issues”!

She says: “I am so f***ed up – everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up. “I don’t have a normal life. I take a hiatus every now and again but I’m not good at that.” 

Miley admits in the interview to never sleeping, so she only eats to live and keeps going claiming that when she takes a vacation from work it only leads to boredom.

Well, one thing is for sure, she is certainly far from boring us and other pop culture junkies these days!


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Arrested Intruder Claims to Be Husband of Miley Cyrus

A man armed with scissors was arrested early Saturday morning after he jumped Miley Cyrus’s fence and was found hiding in the bushes at her LA home. He claimed to be married to the 19-year-old star.

According to reports, police said they received an emergency call just before dawn about a trespasser who had hopped the fence and began knocking on the door and banging on walls.

When the LA police arrived at the scene, they found him hiding in the bushes with a pair of scissors in his pocket. While he was being arrested for trespassing, he told police: “I am a friend of Miley Cyrus. I am. She’s my wife. Me and Miley have been friends for five years.”

Luckily, Miley Cyrus was not at home.

Kirkland/PictureGroup) via AP IMAGES

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Cops Called to Miley Cyrus’s Home

(PCM) Cops rushed to Miley Cyrus‘s home last night with guns drawn after a 911 call.

The call came at 6:50 p.m. and said there was evidence of breaking and entering. Law enforcement told TMZ the caller also reported possible gunfire.

Luckily for the former child star and her hubby, Liam Hemsworth, when police arrived there seemed to be no evidence of any criminal activity occurring, and attributed the phone call as a prank call.

Neither Miley or Liam are in Los Angeles at the moment, both staying in Philadelphia while Liam works on his new film Paranoia.

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Reese Witherspoon’s Pregnancy Details, Miley’s Bad Behavior & More

Reese Witherspoon is pregnant!

As multiple sources confirm to Us exclusively, the Oscar-winning actress is pregnant with her third child, and her first with second husband Jim Toth, who she wed last March at her $7 million ranch in Ojai, Calif. after over a year of dating. “Reese is right around 12 weeks,” one source explains, adding that the This Means War star is “not planning to announce it.”

The baby-to-be will join older siblings Ava, 12, and Deacon, 8, Witherspoon’s kids with first husband Ryan Phillippe, from whom she split in 2006 after 7 years of marriage. Pals of Witherspoon and high-powered CAA agent Toth, 41, aren’t shocked by the happy news. “Reese and Jim have been trying to get pregnant,” one pal says. And now that the A-list couple are breaking the news to a small circle of friends, their baby joy is obvious. “The timing is right,” one source says. “She’s so happy!”

WILMER & MINKA: ‘Grinding’ on Dance Floor

The lothario strikes again. A source tells Hot Stuff that after months of crushing on her, Wilmer Valderrama has added Minka Kelly to his list of conquests. “They were kissing and grinding” at West Hollywood’s Greystone Manor Supperclub March 18, says an onlooker of the That ’70s Show alum, 32, and Derek Jeter’s onetime love, 31. While Valderrama (ex of Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore) has been squiring Kelly around town — to Disneyland in Anaheim on February 21 and L.A. eatery Pink Taco on March 15 — the two aren’t exclusive just yet. “I wouldn’t say they’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” says a Valderrama pal, “but he’s started ignoring calls from some of his other girls.”

Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano opens up about her ex

Hector “Junior” Pagan, 46, had flipped for the DEA, wearing a wire to nab her dad, after being charged with armed robbery and brandishing a weapon during a 2009 card-game stickup. Pagan is now reportedly in witness protection while Renee’s father, reputed Bonanno family crime boss Anthony “TG” Graziano, 71, is behind bars for charges including extortion, based on Pagan’s secret tapes of their conversation about collecting a loan-shark debt. (The story unfolds on VH1 March 25 and April 1 at 8 p.m.) “I thought Junior came back because he loved me,” says Renee. “Little did I know it was a big lie.” Of the aftermath she says, “ I was suicidal. January 27 was when I had my nervous breakdown. I couldn’t breathe, my body was shutting down and my anxiety was insane. I felt like I was going to die. I called my doctor and he called 911. I think I spent six days in the hospital. The girls from the show were there for me.”

Miley’s Bad Behavior

Girl gone wild! A source tells Hot Stuff that Miley Cyrus, 19, has been hitting the L.A. nightlife hard lately. “She gets pretty crazy,” says a source. “She’s always out in skimpy outfits and writhing on [boyfriend] Liam Hemsworth. Sometimes he looks embarrassed for her.” Another source says that the Hunger Games hottie, 22, “enjoys the fun-loving side of Miley, but he gets concerned too,” adding that it’s often Hemsworth who keeps her in check. Says the first source, “Liam’s always looking after her.” Continue reading

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America’s Best Celebrity Role Models has recently received their tallies for an online poll naming the “Best Celebrity Role Model’.  Now, taking the poll into context, which was more “fun and interesting” than “serious and scientific”, the results aren’t too shocking.  But, yea, they are a bit “off”.

Here’s the raw data.

1. Angelina Jolie (43%)

2. George Clooney (23%)

3. Miley Cyrus (15%)

4. Bono (14%)

5. The Jonas Brothers (5%)

Now, here’s the spin.  Apparently if you are at one time a probable cult-member, confused sexually, religiously, and when doing press interviews, married to Billy Bob Thorton (to whom you relentlessly engage in PDA with), and possibly attracted to your biological brother — you can come back and redeem yourself.  All you have to do in marry Brad Pitt, adopt some children from Africa, make a few trips a year there, get involved in charities, and make saving a continent your primary concern.

Continue reading

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