Zac Efron Tells Kimmel All About His Night at the Strip Club

The news has spread that Zac Efron, 22, along with Corbin Bleu and another friend, spent Sunday night in the Flashdancers Gentleman’s Club in New York.  It was said that they spent $2,000 on vodka and three girls that they asked to dance for them exclusively. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Efron talked about his trip to the club. Efron was very candid about his visit.  When Kimmel asked him if he had ever been to a club like that before, he jokingly said, “I’m cutting back right now. I’m trying to keep it between 3 or 4 nights a week.” Then, he went on to joke about what he thought his first experience would be like. “I had this image of what it would be like. I’ve heard a lot about these places – mostly from rap music – and they’re supposed to be pretty reputable, right? So, I envisioned myself on a nice couch in stunner shades with T-Pain and Usher making it rain money.  And it just wasn’t like that.” As for the rumor that he spent a total of $2000  on vodka and girls, he told Kimmel, “No, no.  Not at all.”  Then, laughing, he said, “It was like 6!  No, I don’t remember.  I don’t think I opened my wallet.” The most difficult part of the night, he said, was calling his girlfriend beforehand to let her know they were having a “celebratory” night.  “That’s the awkward call. How do you even start that conversation?” But, he assured Kimmel that Vanessa was “fine with it.” “So, I’ve done it, I did it. Been there, done that.” You can watch this portion of his interview below!