YouTube Has Created An Epic 2014 Rewind Video Featuring Over 120 Creators


(PCM) YouTube and Portal A have teamed up once again to put together an epic 2014 year end rewind video that features over 120 different creators from around the world re-creating the most viral videos of the year set to the top songs of the year remixed by DJ Earworm. The video opens with PewDiePie on top of a city building pulling out the YouTube logo from his backpack. He then belly flops through the roof to Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” and that begins the videos epic journey. The journey takes the viewer around the world as many of our favorite and most lovable YouTube stars dance to the mix and recreate videos such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, spider-dog, snap selfies and more! Check out the epic 2014 YouTube Rewind video below: