Special Effect Guru Goes Viral After Creating Legendary Ad To Sell His Vehicle

(PCM) Special effects guru Eugene Romanovsky is reaching viral fame with what is perhaps the most legendary used car ad we have ever seen. Romanovsky is trying to sell his obviously beloved 1996 Suzuki Vitara. He claims that the car has been his “best friend for the past 10 years”, however the time has now come for the pair to part ways. Romanovsky certainly gave his “best friend” an epic send-off, as he created a magnificent YouTube video showcasing the Vitara’s numerous adventures. Trust us when we say some are completely out of this world! No word on what the selling price for this amazing car which according to the video can fly through the air, drive underwater, navigate through hoards of dinosaurs and still get you where you need to be on-time. Something tells us that Romanovsky’s asking price isn’t even going to come anywhere close to what it must have cost (even in time alone) to create such an epic video. We feel like more people will be reaching out to Romanovsky with requests to create a video rather than actually having an serious inquiries about purchasing the car. You can check out the video in all of its’ awesome glory below: