P. Diddy Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations From Former Chef

(PCM) Rapper P. Diddy is being sued by his former personal chef Cindy Rueda on allegations of sexual harassment and having a hostile work environment. Rueda worked as Diddy’s personal chef from January 2015 to May of 2016 . Rueda claims that during her time of employment with P. Diddy she was forced into many an uncomfortable positions. She says that her former boss demanded that she serve him “post-coital” snacks while he and his “guests” were sometimes still naked in bed. Rueda also goes on to say that sometimes Diddy would even ask for these snacks to be served to him while he was in the middle of actual sex acts. According to a report from People Magazine, Rueda was “regularly summoned” her to “prepare and serve entrees and appetizers to him and his guests while Mr. Combs and/or his guests were engaged in or immediately following sexual activity.” It also wasn’t just the fact that Rueda was asked to serve up the good for Diddy’s post-sex snacking session she also alleges that Diddy would make comments about his naked body and ask her if she was attracted to him or not. Rueda said when she made complaints about the incidents to the head of Diddy’s estate she was “lured into a situation where she could be accused of theft and ultimately terminated” on May 8th, 2016. Rueda is seeking a unspecified amount of money and no word on whether or not Diddy will settle outside of court.