The Mysterious HUVr Hoverboard Turns Out To Be A Hoax

Hoverboard1(PCM) The internet was in a flurry of excitement over a video the was released by a mysterious company named HUVr that claimed to have invented the first real-life version of the “Back To The Future” hoverboard. As it turns out, Funny or Die is behind the viral campaign that featured celebrity endorsement by Tony Hawk, Christopher Lloyd and Moby. HUVr and the hoverboard were revealed to be a hoax after a costume designer that worked on the project posted the experience on her online resume, which has since been deleted. Funny or Die, even went as far as to have actor Billy Zane release a video for HUVr, explaining the new technology that made up the new hoverboard. The fake companies website claims that they have solved one of sciences biggest mysteries which is the key to antigravity. While the campaign overall was a viral success, people are yet again left incredibly disappointed about not being able to zip around like Marty McFly on a hoverboard of their very own…maybe someday! Till then Funny or Die is saying “Gotcha!”