Mom’s Reaction To Seeing Her Son Partaking In The Baltimore Riots Goes Viral


(PCM) People everywhere are praising a mother who took action after seeing her son on television throwing rocks at the police. She immediately headed out, located her son in the crowd and confronted him about his behavior. The entire ordeal, which soon turned physical, was captured on video and has since gone viral. The woman, who remains unidentified, can be seen grabbing her son, yelling “Are you kidding me?” and smacking him in the face.

Fifteen police officers were injured Monday night when rioters threw bricks, rocks and other objects in their direction. According to ABC News, 75 to 100 school age children were involved in the violence and parents in the Baltimore area are urged to bring their children home. A State Of Emergency has been declared in Balitmore and a citywide curfew that begins at 10pm and last until 5am is still currently in effect. Sources say the 1opm curfew will last for at least a week, but could be extended if necessary.