Michelle Rodriguez Candidly Answers Green Lantern Rumor

michelle-rodriguez(PCM) The rampant change of superheroes gender, sexuality and other high impact alterations to established canon in age old comic books is¬†finally reaching a breaking point. Even actors are taking sides. Good. This past week actress Michelle Rodriguez broke ranks and gave a candid opinion. It all started when she was ‘rumored’ to be the next Green Lantern. If you’re unaware, there is a female Green Lantern – Jessica Cruz. In which case Michelle would fit both gender and race! But, the fact that Hollywood would not start the Justice League saga with the logical chronological order of Green Lanterns did strike a nerve with fans on every level. Enter TMZ. They inquired on the rumor and Rodriguez gave an answer that was also followed by opinion. First she stamped out the rumor – she wasn’t going to be a Green Lantern.¬†“That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard,. I think it’s so stupid because of this whole minorities in Hollywood thing. It’s so stupid. Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own. What’s up with that?” This statement has clear meaning, but of course the thought police pounced on any possibility of ambiguity in the statement and branded Michelle a social outcast until she repented and explained herself in way that appeased the falsely offended. Michelle obliged by thankfully not retracting her statement but instead clarifying in a candid video that appears to be shot from her own bed while shot from a cell phone, selfie style. If you don’t have time or unable to view the video embedded below, Michelle makes the case that established characters shouldn’t be changed, instead the artistic community should create the diverse characters the loud minority community is asking for.
  Michelle Rodriguez should be applauded for not just being candid but standing up for the browbeaten majority that knows their belief that established characters and canon don’t need to be changed to fit the wants of a minority of activist opinion.