LAPD Reports Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Is Just Fine Despite Hostage Rumors

(PCM) Don’t sweat! According to the Los Angeles police department fitness guru Richard Simmons is just fine, despite rumors to the contrary. Simmons has been rarely, if at all, seen in public since 2014 sparking a rumor that he was somehow being held hostage by one of his housekeepers. It is not known where the rumor started exactly, but there had to be some suspicion that something was amiss, right? The police were alerted after listeners called the department urging them to check up on Simmons after an episode of the new podcast “Missing Simmons” aired and the host interviewed a former assistant of his, who claimed the housekeeper was holding him hostage in the home. Police went to Simmons home where they say they found him very much alive and in good spirits. The police say Simmons is “perfectly fine”. They go on to say that the rumors are “garbage” and that when the spoke with Simmons he confirmed adamantly that no one is holding him hostage. He is doing what he wants to do and if he wants to go out in public and see anybody he will do that when he feels like it. It appears that Simmons is just taking some time out of the public spotlight. After sweating it out to the oldies for all those years the man is probably exhausted! Just give him a break and stop the ridiculous rumors!